Don’t Be Bitter About Loadshedding, Get Rummed Up Instead

Are you rumming around at home with what’s left of your spirit stock?


Caribbean Cooking With Angostura Rum And Aromatic Bitters

In Angostura’s home country of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), bitters and rums have been used in the kitchen prolifically for decades – in everything from starters to desserts, breads, soups, and marinades.


Gin Punch Bowls That Will Hit The Mark

You’ve stocked up on your favourite gin for those lockdown weekends at home, but instead of mixing your usual, this is the perfect time to try something new.


Celebrating World Gin Day With Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Level three of lockdown means that spirit sales are finally opening again – just in time for World Gin Day on 13 June! Visit you nearest liquor store, stock up on your favourite gin and then try these simple gin cocktails to #KeepYourSpiritsUp.


The Angostura Rock Shandy Wins For PR Excellence

On Friday, 15 May the 2020 PRISM Award winners were announced with Paddington Station PR and the Angostura Rock Shandy campaign scooping an award in the Food & Beverage category for exceptional content, delivery and communications.


World Cocktail Day: Anyone Can Make A Day Of It, With Or Without Alcohol

We’ve been in lockdown for so long we’ve forgotten what a good cocktail tastes like. And what’s more, we’re running out of spirits at home! So, what’s the alternative?


Angostura Holdings Ltd. Donates 70,000 Bottles of Hand Sanitiser to First Responders, Communities and Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought global economies to its knees, with many grinding to a halt. It has crippled so many industries worldwide, particularly the food and beverage industry such as bars and restaurants, where millions of people around the world are now without a job, since bars have been forced to close their doors and restaurants have limited their businesses to pick-up services only.


Bittered Brandy Cocktails (and Chocolate!) For Your 2020 Easter Celebration

Everyone should have a bottle of brandy in the cupboard – whether it’s leftovers from Festive Season trifle making or a weekend drink of choice. And who doesn’t have a slab of chocolate or two stashed away for lockdown, right?


Learn More About Mixing Great Drinks At Home In The #HouseLockDown Series

As people around the globe are confined to their homes amidst the coronavirus pandemic, The House of Angostura brings us the online #HouseLockDown series.


Why South African bartenders are taking to the international stage

South Africa has become a highly sought-after participating region for international cocktail competitions as mixologists bring their local ingredients, culture and creativity to the world.