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The Perfect Drink And Snack Pairing With Angostura Bitters For #valentine’sday

Melt your Valentine's heart.


In Wisconsin, Americans Drink Angostura Shots

In Wisconsin, drinkers love Angostura bitters not as an ingredient but as a shot. According to a report by Punch, visitors to Washington Island in Wisconsin have


The Label On A Bottle Of Angostura Bitters Is Annoying On Purpose

Here's everything you ever wanted to know about the world's favorite bitters.


Prolong Your Summer Season With Angostura’s Pink Gin

It can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.


New Year Bubbly Cocktails

When you think of New Year?s Eve, the first thing you think of is cracking open a bottle of bubbly at the stroke of midnight, right? Well, instead of just pouring a flute of sparkling wine or MCC, why


Angostura Bitters’ Sweet Symphony With Cocktails

Angostura bitters has been a part of the very foundation of the cocktail industry from the very beginning, says Daniyel Jones, global brand ambassador of the House of Angostura.


Angostura Awards Champions

Koriella Espinoza has been declared the first ever Angostura Champion at an awards ceremony which was held at the House of Angostura, Eastern Main Road, Laventille, on December 7.


Woman Who Supports Kids With Cancer Wins Angostura Champions Award

A woman who founded an organisation to support children diagnosed with cancer has been awarded the Angostura Champion of 2018. Koriella Espinoza, founder of Korie's Ki


We Drink More Than 100 Million A Year And It?s All Ours

You may think the closest thing Australia has to a national drink is XXXX or a flat white. But there's another drink that's so well-established here, most Australians don't realise it's our own creati


Savoury Chicken Bites With Angostura Orange Bitters

With the summer season on our doorstep, you’re sure to be looking for a couple of easy and fun snack ideas for your next weekend braai. Try this savoury chicken bites with a dash of Angostura Bitters.

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