Bacardi, the largest privately held spirits company in the world, is bringing Shake Your Future – its free, professional bartender training programme for disadvantaged young adults – to South Africa for the first time.  


Drink giant Bacardi is rolling out the first fully biodegradable spirits bottle in the world.


To celebrate the release of its new limited-edition Halloween rum, Bacardi played the ultimate prank on drinkers by introducing: The Haunted Rum. Leveraging a cast of skilled improv actors and unsuspecting customers, Bacardi tricked (and treated) people into believing there was a spirit trapped inside its new haunted rum bottle.


Bacardi is releasing a Halloween-themed bottle for its namesake white rum brand in the US.


Rum brand Bacardi is jumping on the ASMR bandwagon by mixing together sounds from cocktail preparation to create a new music video.


Following the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian on The Bahamas, Bacardi Limited and the Bacardí family commit to donating $1 Million in cash and other assistance to the disaster relief and recovery efforts.


Bacardi Limited has expressed their support for the upcoming Bermuda Pride Parade, and have illuminated the fountain at their building in rainbow colours in honour of the event.