Asahi Beverages' initiative to purchase barley direct from farmers has begun, with its Abbotsford brewery using barley directly soured from Victorian farmers.


For the first time in decades, beers like Carlton Draught and Victoria Bitter will be brewed entirely with 100% Victorian barley.


In the latest round, ABAC adjudications covered TikTok demographics and the use of cannabis imagery on beer cans.


The popular shows intentions have been brought into question.


York Park has not hosted the NTFA's biggest day since 2011.


Many brewers credit one man more responsible for Australia's modern craft beer movement than anyone else ? Dr Charles "Chuck" Hahn, who celebrates 50 years of brewing in June.


Watch the footy this weekend thanks to Carlton Draught.


The Aussie internet was ablaze last month after those inquisitive folk over at Gruen found the genius behind the Bunnings jingle.


Melburnians will be treated to two-for-one pints of 'the city?s favourite tap beer', Carlton Draught, tomorrow (Saturday, November 14th).


Carlton Draught Premiership Cans have rolled off the line at CUB's Abbotsford's brewery to celebrate the Tigers' Pemiership win.