Italian designers have made a lamp from discarded orange peels. It even smells like citrus.


It’s the perfect crisp concoction for a warm-weather afternoon.


Sparkling water is a beverage that tastes crisp and pure and the subtle fizz can enhance the taste of your foods.


Nestle has acknowledged that over 60% of its products are not healthy and filled with sodium and sugar. Now, the company is vowing to change.


Pop open a Clementina soda and mix yourself a cocktail.


They are made by combining Scottish sparkling water with fruit and herb flavourings before being "naturally sweetened" with apple juice


Britain could block EU imports of Perrier and San Pellegrino in retaliation to trade bloc banning imports of UK live shellfish.


A season based on returning competitors has a mix of new and old sponsors, including IKEA, San Pellegrino, Becel, Cracker Barrel and Miele.


Pop these 11 bottles (or cans) and stay hydrated in a fun way.