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Dagga Drinks: The Next Big Thing In The Booze Biz?

The world's major alcohol producers can no longer ignore the dagga phenomenon, as young consumers may increasingly swap beer and cocktails for joints and cannabis-infused drinks.



Durban-based craft beer brand Poison City Brewing has launched a cannabis infused beer, dubbing it


Meet The Manufacturers Of Durban’s Cannabis Beer

Poison City Brewing was launched in Durban in March 2018 and later that year the company began selling their brew.


Top CEOs back South Africa’s first cannabis lager beer

A craft brewery backed by two prominent CEOs of JSE-listed companies says it has launched the country’s first beer made with cannabis.


Time To Get High? Poison City Breweries Launches Beer Made With Cannabis

Co-founder and owner of Poison City Brewing Andre Carl Schubert explain how they brew the new lager made from cannabis.


Poison City Brewing Launches Cannabis Lager

Durban?s Poison City Brewing is launching Durban Poison Cannabis Lager, which contains no THC (the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that delivers the ?high?) but is brewed with hemp oil ?


Halloween Hysteria // Your Guide To The Best Gig This October

In Hysteria's eight year history we’ve fronted up to shows, shot them, critiqued them; even nabbed a scoop or two behind the scenes. MORE: DEAD OF WINTER FESTIVAL 2018 // A Real Live Dead One // P


Warm Up With Wine And Craft Drink Expo

WINE-lovers can look forward to sampling some of the country’s best wines at the third annual Winter Wine and Craft Drink Expo.


Come Help Clean Up Sheppie’s Sandspit This Sunday

Everyone is urged to come and help clean up the area.


Renewal Spices Up Central Durban

Regeneration of the inner city is chequered but there remains much to enjoy

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