Norml Za: Cannabis South Africa Roundup

The scene is heating up in South Africa and one can positively expect good things to come in 2020 for the cannabis industry after an enormously successful 2019.


This Stuff Is Dope: Cannafornia Rolls, Durban Poison Beer And Not-so-plain Mary Jane

CBD (cannabinoid) shops are springing up all over the place, including Goodleaf in the ? well, CBD ? that is, the Cape Town city centre, a tranquil environment where you can find out more about the pl


High Hopes, Not Much Dope In Marijuana Beer And Gin

It?s now okay to smoke cannabis, or at least it?s legal as long as you don?t buy your supply. But what about drinking it?


Poison City Brewing Introduces Cannabis Beer To South African Market

Poison City Brewing is ready to launch Durban Poison Cannabis lager


Cannabis-infused Products Fly High Since Concourt Ruling

From canna-beer to energy drinks, consumers can now buy cannabis-infused goods off the shelf in South Africa


Meet Eben Uys Of Mad Giant, Where Mad Science Meets A Massive Love Of Beer

Mad Giant was born from the desire to conquer the world and take chances with no fear of the outcome, says its founder Eben Uys.


Distell To Distribute Cannabis Lager For Poison City Brewing

Distribution partnership necessary because demand has 'overwhelmingly exceeded capacity', according to craft brewer's co-founder


South Africa Cannabis Ruling Leads To Pot-themed Products

Marijuana in South Africa was decriminalized in September. This allows nationals to legally grow and consume their own cannabis at home.


South Africa Cannabis Ruling Leads To Pot-themed Products

Advocates say the product potential is huge for the South African market after the landmark ruling decriminalizing cannabis


Ab Inbev Watching The Legal Marijuana Market Closely

Legalisation is important ?for us as a beer company? and for society as a whole, the group says