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Fentimans Secret Spritz Garden Opens In Farringdon.


Fentimans? Garden Puts A Twist On The Drink Of The Summer

Fentimans is providing those in Londoners with a special location to enjoy a twist on the drink of the summer in the form of its Secret Spritz Garden.


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New soft drinks range launched by Fentimans


Fentimans Announces First Cocktail Competition Winner


Fentimans Opens Secret Garden With 200-year-old Olive Tree

Visitors can garnish their drinks by picking fresh rosemary, sage and lavender.


Fentimans Expands Rum Mixer Portfolio With New Tropical Soda

Fentimans has launched Tropical Soda, a new pineapple-flavoured mixer that is specifically designed to be paired with rum.


Fentimans Adds New Mixer Specifically For Rum

Fentimans has gone after the rum market with the launch of its latest botanically-brewed mixer, Tropical Soda


Fentimans Tropical Soda Rum Mixer

UK mixer producer Fentimans has created a pineapple-flavoured soda designed specifically to be mixed with rum.


Fentimans Introduces Pink Ginger Drink As Ginger Beer Alternative

Fentimans has lined up the launch of a new pink ginger beverage in the UK as it looks to build its appeal with a younger demographic.


Spot The Fentimans Pink Land Rover This Summer