Cheers to Summer with Rosé

The appeal for rosé continues to climb as high as the African sun and when summer hits, the first thing we do is check how much of the glorious stuff is in the fridge. Blushing little bottles of joy, beading with excitement and begging to be consumed.


Women in Wine: The two ladies dominating at Accolade Wines

Top image: Chandre Petersen and Alison Pearce


Warm up with these Winter Reds from Flagstone Wines

Winter is coming… while this may be a forbidding remark for Game Of Thrones fans, it heralds a season of blockbuster red wines for Flagstone lovers.


Flagstone Launches Popcorn and Wine Pairing

The Pop Art Cart is an example of the Flagstone creativity being brought to life.


This Father’s Day, let him have the Last Word

From an early age our Dad’s play an influential role in shaping our life’s course.


Conquer heartbreak with a glass of Flagstone Pinot Noir this Valentine`s Day

What’s not to love about Pinot Noir?


Crisp Summer Whites: Flagstone Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

We expect different things from wine during the warm days and long evenings of summer. Food is lighter and our time is increasingly spent outdoors, full-bodied vintages retire to the wings and crisp, chilled wines take centre stage.


The Pinotage King: Gerhard Swart The Award Winning Winemaker of Flagstone

Hot on the heels of Flagstone’s Time Manner Place Pinotage (2014) achieving a 5-star rating in the 2017 Platter’s Guide comes a 5-star rating for Flagstone’s Writers Block Pinotage (2015) in the 2018 guide. These premium expressions of South Africa’s signature variety have achieved extensive recognition across wine competitions and Writer’s Block consistently features in the annual ABSA Top 10 Pinotage awards.

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Every bottle of Flagstone wine is a journey with many twists and turns. It can never be hurried and there are no short cuts.
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