Scotus Refuses To Hear Case Between Jack Daniels And Vip Products Over Doggy Chew Toy

The trademark dispute between Jack Daniels, famed maker of brown liquor, and VIP Products, maker of less famous doggy chew toy Bad Spaniels, has been a long and winding road. If you aren't familiar wi


Mine Tales: Jack Daniels Mines Named After Discarded Whiskey Bottle Found On Site

During the mid-20th century, uranium mining and prospecting was common on the Colorado Plateau.


University Student Downs Two Litres Of Jack Daniels In Just 18 Seconds

Jaleb Gann, 19, was filmed standing on a table at a party last Thursday wearing a University of Kansas shirt before downing a 1.75-litre bottle of the 40 per cent alcohol whiskey.


Uni Student Defends Downing Two Litres Of Jack Daniels In 18 Seconds

Social media users condemning the dangerous stunt


Dad Livestreams Himself Driving 100mph After Downing Bottle Of Jack Daniels

Kieron Dawson, 32, drove the wrong way down a motorway in the early hours of the morning and has now been jailed for 18 months


Jack Daniel’s Launches A Range Of Wedding Rings Made From Oak Barrels

Jack Daniel’s has launched a range of wedding rings for men. The American whiskey giant teamed up with Manly Bands to design a range of rings that incorporate wood from the oak barrels used to age its whiskey in.


Jack Daniels Recommends Recipes For Your Go-to Winter Drink

Jack Daniel's recommends trying these winter drink recipes to determine your go-to winter drink for years to come and enjoy.


Jack Daniel’s Barrel Tree Now On Display Outside Of Fiserv Forum

There's a new tree in town, but it's not the type of tree you'd think. Jack Daniels has put together a barrel tree and it is now on display outside of Fiserv Forum.


Sebastian Man Hits Wife In The Head With Bottle Of Jack Daniels

On Monday, Nov. 23, 2020, at approximately 8:55 p.m., a man was arrested after hitting his wife in the head with a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, according to the Sebastian Police Departmen


Man Pleads Guilty To Vandalizing Hamilton Store, Jack Daniels Statue

A Hamilton man has admitted guilty in an act of vandalism that destroyed a statue of Jack Daniels and hundreds of bottles of alcohol at a Main Street business. Jacob Shane Wright, 26, of the 2000 bloc