Flula Borg Chats Jagermeister Cold Brew, The Suicide Squad, And More

Flula Borg burst onto the scene as a content creator that happened to use YouTube to its full [...]


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Four Men ‘passed Around Jagermeister While Speeding At 140mph’

Police in Switzerland spent a month tracking the four young men down after the clip went online at the end of December.


Jagermeister Launches Streetwear Collection Inspired By Nightlife

A donation will be made to United We Stream.


Bitters Market By Top Major Players – Mast-jagermeister, Fernet Branca, Stock Spirits Group Plc, Gruppo Campari – Scientect


How Jagermeister Skirted German Law To Advertise On Soccer Jerseys

Soccer fans are used to seeing shirt sponsorships, but they might not know how Jagermeister revolutionized the practice by finding a legal loophole in the German rulebook.


Jagermeister Provides Entertainers For Online Parties

Jägermeister is connecting consumers to entertainers who will perform live for virtual parties.


Jagermeister Links With Deliveroo For Latest Campaign

Mast-Jaegermeister UK is launching its ?Pre With Us? campaign for 2020 with a three-month Deliveroo partnership running from April to June. To...