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Jose Cuervo Has A New Cherry Limeade Margarita That Has The Tastiest Fruity Twist

Get ready for a refreshing new sip that'll spice up your parties this season. Jose Cuervo's new Cherry Limeade Margarita is a boozy beverage that's packed with flavor, and it is sure to become a favor


Jose Cuervo’s New Cherry Limeade Margarita Is An Insta-worthy Valentine’s Day Drink

No mixology required.


Jose Cuervo Introduces Agave Fiber Drinking Straws

Tequila company Jose Cuervo has previously upcycled agave fiber from its production process into surfboards, guitars, and car parts. Recently the brand expanded into making drinking straws with an aga


Jose Cuervo Turns Their Agave Tequila Waste Into Durable, Biodegradable Straws

The ?Agave Project? straws are being hailed as a first-of-its-kind model for recycling distillation waste into utensils that are similar to plastic.


Jose Cuervo Takes A Shot At ‘environmentally Responsible Drinking’

The tequila giant is working with scientists to make biodegradable straws out of the same agave plants it uses to make its popular product


Jose Cuervo to Release Biodegradable Straws Made From Agave Waste

Jose Cuervo plans to introduce biodegradable straws made from agave fibers left over after tequila-making. In 2020, millions of these straws will be rolled out at bars, restaurants and events across North America as a new way to sip margaritas and the like.


Jose Cuervo Swaps Plastic Straws For Agave Alternatives

The plastic alternative is Jose Cuervo's latest upcycling idea for agave leftovers, which also include a surfboard, a Fender Stratocaster and car parts for the U.S. market.


Jose Cuervo Reveals New Agave-based Biodegradable Straws

Jose Cuervo Tradicional, in partnership with BioSolutions Mexico and PENKA, has come up with a sustainability solution that it calls a "biodegradable bio-based drinking straw made from upcycled agave


Jose Cuervo Creates Sustainable Drinking Straws From Agave Fibres

Jose Cuervo has used fibrous material left over from the tequila-making process to develop a sustainable alternative to regular plastic straws.


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