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Top Wines Of November And December 2019

Here are our top wines from the end of last year: November 2019 Iona Fynbos Chardonnay 2017 ? 96 (see the original review here) Restless River Ava Marie


Tim James: South African Wines (and Two South African Winos) In Moscow

In 2018, Russia was in eighth place in the league table of importers of South African wine ? a little behind comparatively tiny Sweden, and substantially


Michael Fridjhon: Commodity Versus Terroir Wine

It's not difficult to make good wine: other than a reasonable winery and a degree of technical competence, all that you need are plentiful supplies of


Farm Workers Paying The Price For Cheap South African Wine

Systembolaget, the Swedish government-owned alcohol monopoly, promises fair conditions ? but it also uses its purchasing power to put a downward pressure on prices. At the major South African wine p


Tim James: Voting On Stellenbosch And Swartland Syrah

A New Zealander with an undoubted right to an opinion - Neil McCallum, founder of the famous Dry River estate - recently told a seemingly sympathetic


Tim James: Looking For Bargains In Syrah

This week's little adventure in the supermarket wine aisles took me to Pick n Pay in search of bargain-priced good quality red. I decided on syrah as I had


Leeuwenkuil Reserve Red 2017

The Reserve Red 2017 from Leeuwenkuil is uncomplicated yet tasty and isn't that what you want from a blend with an approximate retail price of R120 a bottle?


Bill Zacharkiw’s Wines Of The Week: July 13, 2018

A roditis to broaden your horizons, a deliciously light South African cinsault, powerful French rosé, and a full and rich Bandol.


Much To Be Cheerful About For Leeuwenkuil

Leeuwenkuil's lion is sad. Try as they might with modern design technology to manipulate the ancient image carved into the doorknob of the historic manor house in the Swartland, the folks at Leeuwenku