With some cheekiness, unconventional times and Zoom grinds are greeted with an equally unconventional response: Monkey Shoulder Zoomtails


Monkey Shoulder and IOL gives you a chance to win one of three Monkey Shoulder hampers to the value of R1000 each.


Scotch brand Monkey Shoulder has teamed up with Fever-Tree in a bid to create the ultimate mixing pack for the off-trade channel. The bundle features a...


Monkey Shoulder has teamed up with mixer brand, Fever-Tree, to create ?the ultimate mixing pack? . The brightly-coloured pack, which is described...


Monkey Shoulder is an approachable blended Scotch whisky that?s meant to be mixed, making it a fan favorite among younger generations.


Scotch leader Johnnie Walker made it 11 wins from 12 this year, with another dominant display. No matter where you are among the world?s top bars, this is...


If you're whiskey-loving golfer, here's a few options to keep your eye on this holiday season that appeal to every taste out there.


Learn why Monkey Shoulder is such a versatile whisky for cocktails, and give it a go with a few fuss-free mixes from the AUGUSTMAN team


Find a whisky you enjoy, order it at a bar like a pro, and mix up perfect cocktails at home with help from this handy guide.


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