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West Indies Distillery Opposes Barbados Gi Proposal

The West Indies Rum Distillery has appealed the implementing of a Geographical Indication for Barbados rum which was put forward by Mount Gay, Foursquare...


Mount Gay Not Worried About Breathalyzer Testing

Managing Director of Mount Gay Distilleries Raphael Grisoni is welcoming the start of breathalyzer testing in Barbados on January 1, 2020.


Booze Hound Approved: Mount Gay Xo

A special-moment upgrade with Mount Gay’s XO is worth every sip.


Wird: Barbados Rum Gi Must Avoid ?standardisation?

The West Indies Rum Distillery has called for an ?inclusive, not an exclusive? geographical indication for Barbados rum as a disagreement over the terms of the regulation wages on


Trudiann Branker Calls For Greater Female Presence In Rum

Mount Gay master blender Trudiann Branker believes the rum industry is beginning to open up to women but insists she does not want to be remembered for...


Mount Gay Master Blender Collection: Pot Still Rum Review

This special release is an extremely flavorful return to rum's roots.


The Master Blender Collection: Pot Still Rum

ST. LUCY, Barbados, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dating back to 1703, Mount Gay has cultivated centuries of unrivalled expertise in creating complex rich and aromatic rums. Located on the northern t


Remy Cointreau’s Mount Gay The Master Blender Collection

Remy Cointreau has added a second limited-edition iteration to the Master Blender Collection series of Mount Gay rum bottlings.


All Happnin’ At Barbados Sailing Week 2020

Next year, for the first time in many years the course of Barbados Sailing Week's signature event - the Round Barbados Race - will track the fleet anti-clockwise.


9 Things You Should Know About Mount Gay Rum

Mount Gay Rum is the world's oldest continuously operating rum distillery, the brand's claim to worldwide fame. Learn more about the iconic rum brand now!