Gin used to be our house genie in the bottle to lift the spirit, when needed for an occasion. Especially in summer with a good, not-too-sweet tonic and


French Cognac is pretty special stuff, but so too is South Africa's own Cape Brandy, which has become a world-class spirit in its own right.


While many people will automatically think of Cognac as being the epicentre of world brandy, our annual taste test showed that consumers who look further afield can find great examples


It may have been saddled with a fusty image for years, but thanks to a new generation of producers and bartenders who are championing it as an exciting cocktail ingredient, brandy might finally start


Barrydale is affectionately known as a drinking town with a farming problem, but there are some gems tucked away in the Karoo dorpie.


Cause and Effect launched their new cocktail menu just in time for the new season.


It is the only black-owned wine company that has expanded its horizons into the beer and spirits market, with the new Royal Brandy being launched on His Majesty King Goodwill


While Cognac?s star is shining bright, brandy is often left in the doldrums. But our Brandy Masters competition showed there?s a lot of life in the category and reason to be optimistic about its poten


The Overberg town of Hermanus attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.