The Brandy Masters 2021 Results

With the right approach and a healthy marketing budget, a brandy producer could pitch their products into the minds of a new generation of drinkers. As our latest taste test discovered, the liquid on


Anna Trapido: Brandy And Its Significance In Xhosa-speaking Communities

Drinking is about so much more than the quenching of thirst and the pleasing of palates. All over the world, since time immemorial, what, where, when, why


Alcohol Back-door Sales Boom Despite Lockdown

?We are receiving calls every day from people who desperately want to buy alcohol. We were sold out the first week after the lockdown. Our stock was bought out by our regular customers who were buying


The Perfect Match: Top 10 Spirits & Mixers For Valentine’s Day


Curtain Call For Owenpalooza

A large Owenpalooza banner was raised over the stage at Auberge Richelieu in memory of Owen Patrick Harold for the 10th, and final, time Saturday.


Bar Magazine

The winning spirits in the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) have been announced, revealing some of the key progressive spirits categories set to dominate for the year ahead.


Tjooya Guilty Of Murder Over Brandy


Namibia: Judgement Set For Murder Over Brandy

Simon Tjooya who stands accused of killing Issy Swartz over a bottle of brandy is set to hear judgement in his case this month. With the heads of argument presented, the magistrate Elina Nandago said


Judgement Set For Murder Over Brandy


Brandy Chases Whisky In South African Spirit Wars

The trend, fuelled by a stagnant economy that is strangling spending, has led to the first increase in brandy sales for more than a decade, and falling sales of pricier whisky.