Rum. It isn't just for mixing. There are some great sipping rums out there for the connoisseur of the out-of-the-ordinary, the funky, and the refined.


Sweet, bright, and refreshing the classic mojito cocktail can be that sip of tropical refreshment on a warm day. Even if a piece of sugar cane isn?t in t...


Today is World Rum Day, so get into the spirit of rum with this basic guide on the spirit and how to drink it.


National Mojito Day is on July 11th, and we want to help you celebrate with a delicious mojito from Ron Zacapa. Ron Zacapa rums are made from sugar cane harvested in southern Guatemala, which is press


Guatemalan rum Ron Zacapa has unveiled a new four-part collection comprising limited edition bottlings of its Zacapa 23 expression


The past couple of years have been tougher than usual for Bacardi, with Hurricane Irma sweeping through the Caribbean in 2017, the end of its distribution...


Unlike whisky, vodka, and wine, rumhas surprisingly never really caughton in the premium segment of theIndian alcohol market


Just rum with it!


Prime Day is a great time to grab a bottle or two of the stronger stuff - and we have the best booze deals as the clock winds down


Smashingly refreshing.