Savanna Launches Its New Cider And Tvc

Savanna has announced that it has launched the first juniper-flavoured cider in the South African market, which is `challenging category norms`. Following the launch, the brand has released a TVC for


Savanna Cider Launches Its New Promotional Campaign

Savanna Cider has announced the launch of its new campaign by Grey Africa and Liquid, WPP`s bespoke agency solution for Distell. The campaign is built for engagement as consumers and influencers alike


Is It Acceptable For Children To Be Drinking Non-alcoholic Drinks?

Many people have taken to consuming non-alcoholic drinks during lockdown. And brands have been only too happy by extending their non-alcoholic drinks options.


Non-alcoholic Drinks Might Be Just That But They’re Still Not For Kids

If adults are drinking zero-alcohol drinks, does that mean children are doing it as well?


Zodwa Wabantu Laments Alcohol Ban With Savanna And Hennessy In Hand

Zodwa Wabantu shared a video of her and her friend bidding farewell to their favourite alcoholic beverages, Savanna Dry and Hennessy, after the announcement of the immediate alcohol ban. Zodwa Wabantu


#youthmonth: Where Is Social Media Headed Among Sa Youth?

Hamilton Zwane, content copywriter at Grey Africa, gives some insights into how the SA youth are using social media, what's changed in their social media usage during Covid-19, and what should be tren


Challenger Type

Witty brand communication that consistently attacks the comfort of the same-old-same-old, is a hallmark of an Irreverent Maverick...


Savanna Launches Virtual Comedy Bar As Lockdown Continues

Savanna Premium Cider has launched the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar to support comedians and give South Africans a burst of much-needed laughter during the coronavirus pandemic.


#covid19campaignradar: #savannavirtualcomedybar •

Savanna Cider, with agency WPP Liquid, has launched the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar to support comedians and give South Africans much-needed comedic relief in a time of corona.


Cider Masquerading As Gin Leaves Consumer Shaken And Stirred

South Africans are finding the time to worry about issues other than Covid-19 on the eve of a nationwide lockdown.