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Jallaxxxxxx: Coca-cola Accuses Local Soft Drink Maker Of Infringing Sprite Mark

The Arabic word jalla, which means 'come on, hurry up', was introduced to the Norwegian language by soldiers who served with UN peacekeeping forces in the Middle East. In Norwegian, the word has come


Music Sermon: The Groundbreaking Sprite And St. Ides Hip-hop Campaigns

Before rap was used to sell everything under the sun, the 80s and 90s saw two brands put their entire business on hip-hop’s back: Sprite and St. Ides.


Kaparu The Mythical Pond Sprite Emerges As Japan?s Most Popular Mascot ? But Only After Vote-rigging Controversy

Kaparu is based on the mythical ?kappa? water goblins which, according to folklore, have webbed feet, adore cucumbers and are adept at getting into mischief


Spotify Debuts New Rapcaviar Series + Sprite Partnership

Artists are rewriting the playbook for how they release music, reach their fans and find success. Nowhere is this more true than the hip-hop industry. Spotify is exploring these untraditional stories


Sprite’s “get Vocal” Campaign Taps Rapsody & More To Inspire Through Music

'I don?t want people to forget the power they have through not only voting, but anything else we put our minds to.? Sprite is making moves to inspire youth to Get Vocal with their new campaign that in


Sprite Urges Fans To ‘get Vocal’ About What Matters To Them Via Hip-hop Platform

The brand worked with a popular producer to create a 60-second beat that fans can download and record their own freestyle over to share on social media.


Cucumber Flavoured Sprite Launches In South Africa

What do you think of this new Sprite flavour?


Cucumber Sprite Is Now In South Africa

None of our testers objected to the strong cucumber taste, which is surprisingly authentic.


Jenny Morris’ Sprite Scones

This is recipe is from Jenny Morris' new cookbook, Yumcious!


Listen To Actress’s Mini-album With A.i. Sprite Young Paint

Darren J. Cunningham, AKA Actress, has dropped his new mini-album, Young Paint via his new imprint Werk_Ltd., a new collaboration with The Vinyl Factory.

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