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Nominees Announced For Fnb Coffee Magazine Awards

The FNB CMAs, started in 2018, brings together the South African coffee professionals to recognise and celebrate excellence within the industry.


Get Your Brew At The Cape Town Coffee Festival This Weekend

The festival kicks off this weekend at the Castle of Good Hope and will raise money for the Project Waterfall charity.


‘people With Intellectual Disabilities Have So Much To Offer To Society’

Wendy Vermeulen is the proud owner of Brownies and Downies in Cape Town. The restaurant gives intellectually disabled people the opportunity to show their skills.


Cape Town High Teas With A Twist

As Capetonians we can't help but love high teas, and although there is a great selection of fabulous classic options all over the Mother City, now and then we find ourselves looking for something a li


The Bitter Truth: Coffee Lovers? Love Of Caffeine Is Wired In Their Dna

Bitter taste perception is genetic, new study finds, and the bitter-sensitive tend to avoid bitter drinks with one exception: Coffee lovers love caffeine.


International Coffee Day: 7 Destinations Everyone Who Loves Coffee Needs To Visit

If coffee culture is your thing, you need to head here?


Coffee Industry May Be Up For Change

Coffee culture has exploded in the Mother City in recent years


This Coffee’s Kick Isn’t Just In The Caffeine

Despite the challenges facing social enterprises – limited access to start-up capital, difficulty raising funding, tension between social and commercial activities – the team at I Love Coffee are


Truth Coffee Launches A New Black Honey Blend

The great thing about having a mind is the ability to change it.


Watch: Social Enterprise Expanding Coffee Outlets With Deaf Baristas

In just over a year, I Love Coffee has gone from a tiny site in Claremont to serving 450 customers per day at Publicis Africa.

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