From the James Sedgwick Distillery in South Africa comes a bold new invention with a smooth new taste. Three Ships Mash Tun bears a name that might be new to some. The mash tun at any distillery is where malt, water and heat meet to create something special. It’s a place that mirrors the dedication, hard work and innovation of the people at the James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington. 


 The Three Ships Whisky’s much anticipated annual Online Sale offers South Africans the opportunity to add Master Distiller Andy Watt’s fifth limited edition Master’s Collection release – an 11-Year-Old Special Cask Finish – to their collection, at this exclusive online sale. The timing of this authentic online activation conceptualized by Three Ships Whisky, coincides perfectly with the approach of the festive season. 


South Africa is quickly earning its place among some of the most renowned whisky-producing countries in the world. Despite the fact that whisky has only been distilled in the country for a little over four decades, the James Sedgwick Distillery can confidently stand tall alongside those that have been built on hundreds of years’ of tradition.


Brand Foundry built a portable Micro-Distillery for Three Ships Whisky. Yes, it works. No, you can’t take it home. Hell yeah, it’s fun to use. This apparatus takes the distilling out of the distillery and allows whisky lovers to blend their own entirely unique blend of whisky with an iPad.


Three Ships Whisky has launched the World and South Africa’s first whisky finished in a cask previously used for the maturation of Pinotage – the uniquely South African wine cultivar cloned in 1925 by Abraham Izak Perold.


The James Sedgwick’s Distillery in Wellington, the only commercial whisky distillery in Africa and home to the internationally award-winning range of Three Ships and Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, will be opening to the public from 3 September on selected dates and times.