Our knights in shining armour from Victoria Bitter are offering up a free taste of their sweet, sweet nectar at over 200 pubs across the country tomorrow.


Louise Cooper, daughter of managing director Tim Cooper, is modest about her ambitions at Australia's largest independently owned beer company - but she does like the product.


You can now cop that much-loved logo on t-shirts, jumpers, caps, and stubby coolers.


Proving there's a survey for just about anything, comes this. Proving B&T will publish any old crap, comes this, too.


A celebratory drink is part of Australia's ANZAC tradition but as a University of Melbourne historian explains drinking on the day has always been controversial


Starpharma?s Abbotsford HQ in inner Melbourne used to serve as the labs and tasting rooms for Carlton and United Breweries. But these days the talk is more about eradicating BV (bacterial vaginosis) t


The beer-and-burger combo is beloved by pretty much everyone - which makes it blessedly easy to get your paws on while travelling abroad. This infographic lists 20 of the world's tastiest beer and bur


One of Australia's most iconic breweries has announced it will move from plastic to cardboard packaging for its best-selling beer cans as part of a new eco-friendly agenda.


There?s been a long term push to ban alcohol advertising in Australian sport. Should the same scrutiny be applied to streaming platforms like Spotify?


"Spotify is fully compliant with all applicable local advertising codes and standards."