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Craft Brew Alliance Launches Widmer Brothers Dreifecta Summer Seasonal

With a Pacific Northwest scorcher on the horizon, Widmer Brothers is introducing its new summer seasonal Dreifecta, a refreshing German-Style Pilsner made with a special blend of three hops and three


Oregon’s Craft Brewers Have A Problem: ‘there’s Just Too Much Beer Out There’

The influx of breweries is roiling a once-steady landscape and claiming victims, and the breweries most in jeopardy are the ones you've known for years.


Here’s Where Craft Brew Alliance’s Kona+ Strategy Really Starts Paying Off @themotleyfool #stocks $brew $stz $bud

The brewer continues to benefit from Kona's Hawaiian roots as regional beer popularity remains high.


Widmer Brothers Brewing, Oregon State University Grad Honored For Pollution Prevention

EPA, Oregon DEQ presented the Most Valuable Pollution Prevention Award for partnership to reduce wastewater pollution.


We’ve Visited 10 Portland Breweries So Far; Here Are The 10 Best Beers

The Oregonian/OregonLive beer writer Andre Meunier is traveling to every Portland-based brewery this year, searching for the city's best. Here are the 10 best beers he's had from each of the first 10


Throw An Axe, Drink Beer & Watch Soccer

Portland Axe Throwing, TILT & Widmer Brothers Brewing are teaming up to hold a Timbers watch party on Saturday. It's your chance to throw an axe and drink Widmer Hefe from their new Timbers cans.


Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing Sells Majority Stake To New Craft-beer Venture

The Oregon brewery, Oregon's third-highest selling, will join Legacy Breweries, which looks to create craft-beer hubs in the Midwest and eastern part of the U.S.


Innovation, Experimentation, Acquisition ? Looking At What’s Next For Craft Brew Alliance

This year is shaping up to be a wild one for Craft Brew Alliance. Production across its family of brands continues to decline?albeit purposefully?while attempts to adapt and innovate have increased in


Widmer Brothers, One Of Oregon’s Most Fabled Breweries, Heads Into Cloudy Future: Portland Breweries Series

The past year has been a bumpy ride for one of Oregon’s oldest and most fabled breweries, and the looking glass doesn’t provide much clarity.


Portland Beer Pioneer Kurt Widmer Reflects On Early Days And The Changing Craft Landscape: Q&a

The Widmer Brothers Brewing co-founder talks to The Oregonian/OregonLive about his and brother Rob Widmer's role in creating the Portland beer scene and the challenges the company faces today.

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