It has been more than a year since the Woodstock Brewery started using its brewing kettles to produce thousands of litres of soup daily to feed vulnerable people around Cape Town.


What started as a joke has become a runaway success, with the proceeds going to help a program that pairs shelter dogs with veterans and first responders.


Georgia Beer Day on Saturday benefits the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild and its members, including one in Woodstock.


Folks looking to "shop local" this holiday season will have an easy way to do it this Sunday, thanks to a Woodstock brewery.


An international courier company has partnered with Mother Soup on its journey to distribute more than one million meals by December.


DHL has announced that, as part of its `1 000 000 meals by December` campaign, it is supporting Mother Soup, a Woodstock based food distribution organisation that produces and provides up to 8 000 lit


Oh yes, it?s Friday! Today Food For Mzansi serves you a helping of comforting news to carry you into the weekend. High up on our watchlist is a beer brewery in Cape Town who is feeding thousands of pe


by Emma King, Who?s inspired you during and/or what lessons have you learnt from this pandemic? Florence de Vries, Luanne Slingerland and I respond.


Woodstock Brewery has been repurposed to serve as a soup kitchen. On May 11, the brewery announced on Facebook that they would be taking this project on.


Woodstock Brewery is now packed with potatoes, carrot and butternut squash, one of several craft beer makers to have ditched barely and malt for the time being.