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This Sydney Restaurant Has A Bottomless Prosecco And Aperol Spritz Fountain

This Is What Dreams Are Made Of! A Bottomless Prosecco And Aperol Spritz Fountain


Recipe: Aperol Spritz Icy Pole

These boozy, not-too-sweet icy poles are perfect for your next pool party, or any other occasion involving fun in the sun. Make them the night before, and no one will have to spend time mixing drinks.


Which Historic Booze Will Be The Next Aperol? Here Are Some Contenders

After the classic booze Aperol took off last summer, other alcohol brands are beginning to pitch themselves as successors.


Sparking Gin, Aperol And Grapefruit (ratterwick Punch) Recipe 

While Aperol is generally considered pretty mellow as bitter ingredients go, here it gets a fresh kick from a squeeze of grapefruit juice.


What Comes After The Aperol Spritz?

The fight to be the next big drink is already underway.


Dibs On Victory Shoots For Largest Aperol Spritz As The Booze Turns 100

Dibs on Victory will spend Sunday morning attempting the title for Guinness World Records? largest Aperol Spritz. The beverage is a top cocktail in Italy composed of Aperol, prosecco and a splash of s


In Defence Of The Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz is shaping up to be the drink of the summer.


Heather Mcmahan Is Building Her Comedy Empire One Aperol Spritz At A Time

The comedian has a sold-out tour, appearances on "Today," and a loyal fan base. Here's how a self-described "high-functioning hot mess" made it happen.


When Cocktails Inspire Dessert ? Aperol Spritz Bars, Anyone?

For the perfect combination of drink and dessert, we turned to classics for inspiration: Aperol spritz bars, an Old-Fashioned as a cake, and red wine snack cake.


Campari Could Move Aperol Production To Us To Avoid Tariffs

Campari may shift production of its iconic Aperol spritz to the US because of the ongoing trade tensions with Washington.