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Becks Blue Beaten In Which? Alcohol-free Beer Taste Test – Which? News

Whether you?re choosing not to drink alcohol or watching your calorie intake, you want to make sure your alcoholic beer alternative is as tasty as possible. We?ve tested 11 of the biggest brands to fi


Corona Beer Company Reports £132m Loss Following Virus Outbreak

Anheuser-Busch In Bev also owns Budweiser and Becks


The Best Low- And No-alcohol Beers For Dry January? We Ask Motorists To Test-drive The Latest Range

Whether you’ve given up alcohol for Dry January or are just aiming to cut down, recent additions to the no- and ultra-low-alcohol beer movement are certainly something to get behind in 2020.


How You Can Still Raise A Glass In Dry January With An Alcohol-free Beer

We've all been there.


Alternatives To Alcohol This Vacation

Increasing numbers of adult drinkers around the world are passing up on their traditional alcoholic beverages as trends show a shift to the no- and low-alcohol beer categories.


Trail Of ‘devastation’ As A Lorry Spills Its Load Of Becks Beer

The clip, believed to be filmed in Germany, captures a motorist as he passes a Red Cargo lorry which had pulled over on the side of a road.


Inside The Nonalcoholic Brewery Making The Year?s Most Exciting Beer

Athletic Brewing is just a year old, but it?s already making nonalcoholic beer cool.


Alcohol Sold In Supermarkets Should Be Taxed More Than In Pubs, Suggests Think Tank

Should alcohol cost more in supermarkets? Should duty be determined solely by alcohol strength and not by product type? A UK think tank is exploring how alcohol duty could be reformed to focus taxatio


Best Non-alcoholic Beers That Taste Just As Good As The Real Thing

WHETHER you?re giving up booze or just cutting down, it?s hard to do it if you have a social life that includes a lot of alcohol. But that doesn?t mean you have to stop inviting y?


The World’s Largest Brewer Just Made $1 Billion From Its New Venture’s Arm — Here’s How

Like other companies, AB InBev had not focused enough on innovation. The company had been talking about it since around 2010, and got "incrementally better," according to senior executive Pedro Earp,