Gin & Tonic Festival: Cheers To The Makers, Merchants And Mixers

No need for any Sunday blues here. The weekend is far from over - and Cape Town, we'll be seeing you at the Gin & Tonic Festival.


Sa’s Gin Explosion – The Numbers Don’t Lie

The gin and tonic is a beloved drink in South Africa, and if the numbers are anything to go on, that isn't going to change any time soon.


Pick N Pay Product Dubbed The Most Cape Town Thing Ever –

Just when you think you've hit peak Cape Town, Pick n Pay comes along and delivers the goods. You can't help but laugh, really.


Get Ready For The Fitch & Leedes Gin & Tonic Festival In Association With East Coast Radio

On Saturday, 2nd June 2018, the Fitch & Leedes Gin and Tonic Festival in association with East Coast Radio will light up Chris Saunders Park in the heart of Umhlanga from 11:00am till 8:00pm.


The Birth Of A New Craft Brewery

“A space for people’s space” is how Mlondolozi Hempe, marketing direction and sales at UkhambaBeerWorx, describes Ukhamba.


Everything You Need To Know About Gin Tasting

DESTINY MAN - If you're bored with wine tasting, try artisanal gin – it is the latest trend


Mountain flavours add unique twist to gin craze

A Cape Town gin bar, where homegrown varieties are making a mark on the global scene, has added a twist to the gin craze.


Wind Down Sessions With Zari

For a chance to be part of our live studio audience enter now.