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Drinking Gin With The Master At Gerald’s Bar

As lockdowns ease, bars around the country have opened, including Melbourne favourite Gerald's Bar, where a slew of new gins has Max Allen fizzing.


The Kent Family Distillery That’s Swapped Making Gin For Hand Sanitiser

Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham is supplying Metropolitan Police with 15,000 litres of hand sanitiser


Copper Rivet Receives Patent For Banik Still

England?s Copper Rivet Distillery has been awarded a patent for its Banik Still, which was developed to enhance maceration and vapour infusion


Copper Rivet Distillery’s Dockyard Kent Strawberry Gin

UK start-up Copper Rivet Distillery has released a flavoured extension of its Dockyard Gin brand in the country, exclusively available through Selfridges.


Weather Boosts Kent’s Gin

An unpredictable mix of rain and sun this summer has helped produce the perfect crops for gin.


Rum Idea For Distillery As It Plans Growth

With award-winning vodka and gin already proving a hit, and with whisky on its way, distillery looks to add to portfolio.


Distillery Opens Its Doors For World Gin Day

Gin lovers will get to sample authentic Kentish gin at a free, one day event featuring cocktails and live music.


Is English Whisky Becoming A Worthy Opponent For Its Scottish Rival?

We?ve all heard the hype about English gin and sparkling wine, but those with an eye on the future should look to whisky, says Rupert Ponsonby.


Location Of Proposed Distillery Revealed

A formal planning application for a distillery, celebrating a town's rich gin history, is to be submitted this week.


Vodka: Going With The Grain

Vodka?s role as a key component of classic cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan and Moscow Mule must surely cement its position as a must-have on most...