Podcast: Double-pod With Guest John Fanta, Bouknight’s Injury, Recruiting & Hot Sauce

The King of the Big East, John Fanta, joins the gang for this double-decker podcast. Fanta discusses the state of the conference, his early impressions of UConn and his gastrointestinal health after s


Fanta Makes A Comeback With Premier Grape Drink In Japan : The Asahi Shimbun

Soft drink Fanta's sales are booming again, driven by consumers in their 30s and 40s, for whom the m


Ronaldo Uses ‘player Of The Century’ Speech To Warn Son Over Dangers

He?s not wrong ? many a promising career has stalled on that sweet nectar.


Shawn Mendes Foundation Awards First Wonder Grant To Change Maker Fanta Ballo: ‘it’s Unreal!’

"The youth is our future, and I believe we have to invest in them every step of the way," the scholar tells PEOPLE


Scoop On Koh Tao “money And Fanta”, Retrievers With Green Hearts

When referring to "Koh Tao", you think of beautiful beaches, clear water, coral reefs, and scuba diving.


Naomi Fanta

Naomi Fanta, 91, of Viroqua passed away Monday, Nov. 30, 2020, at Vernon Manor Nursing Home in Viroqua.


Did You Participate In Any Of Plastika Kritis’ (ath:plakr) Fantastic 218% Return ?

The worst result, after buying shares in a company (assuming no leverage), would be if you lose all the money you put...


Ryan Tubridy Addresses Late Late Toy Show F-bomb With Cheeky Post

The RTE presenter got tongues wagging after slipping up while having a mini-meal with one of the children on the show - and now he's finally said something about it


Ryan Tubridy Responds To That Fanta Moment On The Toy Show

Ryan Tubridy is a national hero.The work he does on the Toy Show means he deserves every penny he gets. Even when he swears!


Rte Viewers Convinced Ryan Tubridy Said The “f-word” On The Toy Show

Tubs seemed to have been caught by surprise by a bottle of Fanta Orange, as were the people at home, and he appeared to hilariously swear during the live TV moment