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Why Coca-cola Invented Fanta In Nazi Germany

The German branch of Coca-Cola created Fanta during World War 2 due to trade embargoes with the US that prevented the import of Coke supplies.


Double The Luxury: Coca-cola Japan Launches Second Two-fruit Fanta Product With Focus On Indulgence

Coca-Cola Japan has launched the second product in its popular two-fruit Fanta Zeitaku W series, maintaining its focus on luxury and indulgence, this time with a blend of two types of grapes.


The Coca-cola Co Launches Fanta Gels With Conagra

The Coca-Cola Co has partnered with US packaged food giant Conagra to launch Fanta-branded pudding-style gels.


Conagra And Coca-cola Partner For Snack Pack Fanta Gels Launch

Conagra Brands has joined with The Coca-Cola Company to introduce a three-strong range of Snack Pack Fanta Gels in the US.


Man Stole Butter And Fanta From Neighbour’s House While He Was In Hospital

The crime has been called "despicable"


Gallery: The Launch Of Fanta Dark Orange

Gallery: The launch of Fanta Dark Orange


Fanta Launches Dark Orange Flavour For Halloween And You Gotta Try It

Too good


Premature Twins Born Same Size As Bottle Of Fanta Allowed Home After Six Weeks In Intensive Care

TWINS born the size of Fanta bottles snuggle up at home after six weeks in intensive care. Elizabeth and Etta Kearns-Turner were born nine weeks early weighing just 2lbs 11oz and 2lbs 10oz respecti?


Fanta Snack Packs Are Coming To Stores Soon In Three Different Flavors

The Fanta and Snack Packs collab sounds amazing.


The New Fanta Snack Packs Are Either A ’90s Kid Dream Or Nightmare

And today in snack-related news that will press all of your nostalgia buttons, we have this: Fanta-flavored Snack Pack is on the way, letting you literally drink orange soda (or grape soda, or pineapp