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Youtube Series ‘the Fanta Squad’ Celebrates Culture In A Unique Way

The goal of the series is to encourage youth to express themselves in a fun and interactive way on a platform they are most familiar with.


Watch: Fanta Premieres #fantasquadza Youtube Series With Lasizwe

JOBURG – Fanta’s new web series features crazy antics from SA’s youngsters.


Coca-cola Brings Coke, Fanta And Sprite Together In A Marketing Campaign For The First Time

Coca-Cola's summer marketing campaign brings Fanta, Sprite and Dr Pepper together with Coca-Cola for the first time, with an on-pack promotion that offers British consumers the opportunity to win "unf


Coke Turns Into Fanta In New Campaign To Fight Homophobic Slurs

Coca-Cola in Brazil has turned a common local insult into a strong anti-homophobia campaign.


A Fanta Lemon Alcoholic Slushie Is The Only Drink We Need On A Day Like Today



Alcoholic Fanta Lemon Slushies Are The Summer Cocktail Everyone’s Raving About… And Here’s How To Make Them

JUST when you thought a can of lemon Fanta couldn’t get any better – someone goes and turns it into a slushie. And not just ANY slushie – a vodka-infused lemon Fanta slushie at that. The High…


This Twitter Bot Invents The Most Heinous Flavors Of Fanta Ever

Fancy a can of Warm Bacon Fanta anyone?


Fanta Launches Its Very Own Clothing Collection

Is this real life? Is this just Fanta-sy?


Fanta Have Released Their Own Clothing Line And You Can Now Drink Directly From Your Jacket

Orange is the new black, right?


Burger King Is Now Selling Frozen Fanta Lemonade… But There’s A Catch

BURGER King is now selling frozen Fanta lemonade – and it sounds like summer in a glass. The fast food chain added the refreshing menu item earlier this month. The chilled, fizzy beverage com…

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