A Year To Remember At GetWine

2019 will carry the same weight as 2007 and 1995. It might even be bigger. When racial, political rhetoric was at its height, the Bokke did what they are good at: Win a world cup and unite our beautiful rainbow nation. Not even Mandela could envision the colourless harmony after a rugby tournament 15 years into democracy. Isn’t it amazing how sporting heroes can provide leadership when politicians fail to do so?


Weekly Wine Deals at GETWINE

We interrupt your schedule to bring you a special news bulletin!


Budget wines to kick-start your 2019

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful 2019! May it be a prosperous year filled with many memorable occasions and equally memorable wines.

With the festive season behind us, it’s time to stock up for a summer filled with braais, socials and celebrations. We have put together a short list of exquisite wines to replenish your stock and kick start the new year.


Great New Unlabelled Wines at GETWINE

We at Getwine stock and sell ‘unlabelled’ wines together with our labelled wines.


It’s Black Friday Sale at Getwine, every day of week!

The 23th of November is Black Friday and here at Getwine we too will be getting involved in the shopping buzz by offering you some unbelievable deals!


South African Chenin Blanc Is Up There With The World’s Finest

White wine sipping season is now in full swing and while we can always count on a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc to cool us down on a hot summer’s day, there is another white variety that is providing some exciting competition.


Create your own wine label this festive season

As avid wine fans, we know you’ll agree that good wine is a great gift, and furthermore that excellent wine is an even better gift! The ultimate gift, however, is an exceptional wine with a label designed especially for you.


Take advantage of these “Marvelous” deals at GETWINE

A desire to produce affordable, freshly styled wines from the incredible diversity of vineyards across the Western Cape resulted in the creation of Marvelous Wines.


Big New Wine Deals from Warwick and Bosman Wineries at GetWine

We had written a really stunning intro for this newsletter that covered all the important points: Spring, September, Celebrations, Six fantastic wines, Spoil you with, Best Value, Payday… etc. etc. BUT we came to the conclusion that you’d quickly realise all the above the minute you looked at the wines on offer.


Constantia Uitsig wines personified as four performing jazz giants

We could share many interesting facts about Constantia Uitsig with you, but if you’ve ever encountered one of their wines you’ll be familiar with their exceptional standard of quality.