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If you like Guinness Draught three other stouts to try are Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout Nitro, Modern Times Black House and Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout.


Here’s How Much Guinness Is Consumed On St. Patrick’s Day

The brand knows this year is different, but that isn't stopping the love.


‘be Good To One Another.’ Guinness Releases St. Patrick’s Day Message

In an inspiring ad, Irish beer makers Guinness shared encouragement by saying, "We'll march again."


Guinness Adds Irish Twist To American Craft Brewing

BALTIMORE, March 14 ? The coronavirus has canceled most St Patrick?s Day festivities, but as the luck of the Irish would have it, Americans can still drown their sorrows with a beer produced in the fi


There’s An Irish Village Coming To The Guinness Us Brewery For St. Patrick’s Day!

The Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Maryland has lots of St. Patrick's Day celebrations in store, including an Irish Village, a four-course St. Patrick's Day dinner with beer pairings, and extended hour


Guinness Opens Its ‘gate’ For St. Patrick’s Day

Craft beer drinkers from the region and beyond will lift a Guinness Stout (or two) in honor of St. Patrick?s Day. Two hundred years after the first Guinness beer from Dublin arrived in America, Guinne


St. Patrick’s Day Beer Tips: 6 Steps To A Perfect Guinness Pour

With St. Patrick?s Day approaching here are a few tips on the proper way to pour and enjoy a Guinness Stout.


Bartender’s Best – Harrisburg Magazine


Guinness: Abv, Types, And Nutrition Facts

Guinness is one of the most popular Irish beers in the world. Here's a review of different varieties of Guinness beers, including their ABV and nutrition facts.


Guinness Easter Eggs Blasted By Alcohol Industry Watchdog

Diageo insisted that the product, which comes with six 'Guinness Chocolate Pints', is 'designed and positioned as an adult offering'