Ditsebe Serving Black Girl Wine Magic, One Glass At A Time

Let?s be real. If you?re thinking about the typical profile of a South African wine farmer, you?re probably not imagining someone named Tebogo Ditsebe. Also, you are probably not picturing a wine farm


Female Farmer Takes Neglected Vineyard, Makes It Successful Business

Tebogo Ditsebe took a neglected vineyard in the Free State and she managed to turn it into a thriving business. Now, the female farmer owns her own wine brand.


Alert Issued For Rift Valley Fever

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF) has advised farmers to vaccinate their livestock against Rift Valley fever.


Distell Sells Venerable Wine Farms And Brands

Remgro-controlled liquor conglomerate Distell, which aims to double revenue and profits by 2021, is selling long-held wine farms and wine brands...


Take A Road Trip Along The Springbok Route

There is so much to see and do during the Springbok Route.


Artistry at Jacobsdal

This low-key family estate produces natural wines for contemplation.


Small is Beautiful at Jacobsdal

Cornelis Dumas from Jacobsdal talks to wine.co.za


Jacobsdal – Where Something of the Old World Lives On

Here wine farming is a creative act, and dedication to soil and vine a way of life.


Local wines world cup champions

I am sure many readers will have entertained soccer fans from overseas during this exciting World Cup season.