Wine Press: News And Notes From Napa Valley

C. Mondavi & Family wine company to acquire French Blue


A New Kind Of Welcome: Estate Agents Adapt As Housing Market Reopens

Estate agents are having to drastically change the way house viewings are carried out following new guidance from the Government to kickstart the housing market. On Wednesday, the communities secreta


4 Courses, 4 Wines At A Jarvis Estate Dinner

An April wine dinner at Varia's at The Main.


4 Courses, 4 Wines At A Jarvis Estate Dinner

An April wine dinner at Varia's at The Main.


Our Favorite Wine Caves In California For Subterranean Sipping

Wine caves are our favorite second favorite part about visiting wine country. They’re a peek into each winery’s particular preferences: How bottles are stored, aged, and played with to create all the flavors we love. It’s also the closest most of us will ever get to the magic and mystery of winemaking—plus, you usually get a drink or two while you’re inside, which is nice.


Elizabeth Warren Slammed Pete Buttigieg For Attending A Fundraiser With Billionaires In A Napa Valley ‘wine Cave’ ? Here’s What A Wine Cave Actually Is

Wine caves were a hot topic of discussion at the Democratic Presidential Debate on Thursday. So what, exactly, is a wine cave?


Experience The Unbelievable Wine Cave Tour At Jarvis Estate In Napa

If you love wine tasting, vineyard hopping, and grapes galore, tune in to Sips with Spencer on ABC7. In this segment, Spencer goes underground at Jarvis Estate in the Napa Valley for an unbelievable w


Paella And Churros On The Menu

Food with Passion South West will host a Spanish cooking class at Jarvis Estate on Sunday.


12 Underground Wine Caves Open For Tastings

In Wine Country, a cave is more than a cave: It's a magical place where wine quietly chills out to age gracefully.


Where Are Women In The Wine Industry?

Nonprofit groups are attempting to play a greater role in the campaign to achieve gender parity in the $34 billion retail wine industry, where women represent 60 percent of the consumers and 80 percen