The Bakery at Jordan’s Saturday brunch box

Enjoy freshly baked fare from The Bakery at Jordan, in the comfort of your own home, every Saturday! 


More Wineries Join The Restaurant Support Drive That Offers Meal Vouchers and Free Wine

Five premium South African wineries have joined the Restaurant Support Drive, started by Jordan Wine Estate early May.


Jordan’s Restaurant Support Drive Offers Free Wine To Its Contributors

For many years, the Jordan Wine Estate Winter Charity Drive has provided support for hundreds of charities involved with giving warm clothes and blankets to fragile communities. A smaller allocation of Jordan wine will be made available for our Winter Charity Drive come July 2020 and we would want to continue collecting clothes and blankets for those most in need and distributing to charities around the Western Cape, as we have done for the last 12 years.


Treat Mom To Jordan’s Mother’s Day Home Brunch Experience

While we are in lockdown and still engaging in social distancing, most of us cannot always be with the ones we love, our families or our nearest and dearest.


#17DaysOfLockDown #plusanother14days / Day 19: Short ‘n Sweet Wine Tasting

We are down to only three days of our original lockdown. YOU GOT THIS.


#18DaysOfLockDown #plusanother14days / Day 18: Add A Cellar Tour To Your Bucketlist

We only have four days of the original lockdown left!


#5DaysOfLockDown / Day 17: Tuck Into A Scrumptious Platter

Did you know that The Bakery at Jordan has two different delicious platters available to share?


#6DaysOfLockDown /Day 16: Host An Event At The Chameleon Conference Centre at Jordan

Jordan’s #21DaysOfOriginalLockDown #plus14more

Although we have been given an additional 14 days to stay home, this means we have 14 days extra to plan all the things that we want to do when we are able to get out and about.

Did you know that Jordan has a conference centre?

Working from home and social distancing has changed the way in which we work. When the time comes, for us to all integrate we have the perfect venue for you.

The Chameleon Conference Centre is ideal for small casual conferences, seminars, team-building sessions and workshops.  Set at the top of the Stellenbosch Kloof Road, the estate offers tranquillity and a place to escape the hum drum of the world to concentrate on the task at hand.

Whether it be an annual AGM, training, presentation or meeting, our conference room is flexible to accommodate all formats.  We can seat up to 40 delegates comfortably and can be set up in a classroom style, U-shape, boardroom style and theatre styles.

Enjoy the freshly baked fare of The Bakery at Jordan, who cater the breakfast, teas and a two-course lunch on The Bakery deck overlooking the Stellenbosch valley.  Why not add a wine tasting or cellar tour to the end of the conference?

Don’t forget to enquire about accommodation in the Jordan Luxury Suites, which can sleep up to 30 people sharing or 15 delegates in their own suite.

For more information on or queries about our Conference Centre, contact Melanie Melvill on


#7DaysOfLockDown / Day 15: Get Some Jam For Your Bread

We are sure you have worked through your homemade jam and preserve stash by now, but don’t worry as The Bakery at Jordan has you covered! 


#8DaysOfLockDown / Day 14: Discover The Wildlife At Jordan Wine Estate

Only 8 days left of lockdown and if we haven’t convinced you to come and visit us our animal friends will!