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The Last Drop Distillers Unearths A Duo Of 50 Year-old Scotch Whiskies

High spirits brand The Last Drop Distillers has discovered and bottled a duo of 1969 single malt Scotch whiskies from Glenrothes, Scotland, which were left to mature in two different casks for almost


Rare Whisky Specialist Last Drop Showcases 1969 Glenrothes Scotch Whisky

The Last Drop 1969 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a special half century old release that was sourced by Last Drop Distillers, a whisky specialist in finding old casks stashed and mostly forg


You’ll Have To Pay Big For 1 Of The 271 Bottles Of 1969 Glenrothes Scotch

Would you pay over $6,000 for a single bottle of whisky? If you would, then you might want to check out the 1969 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky.


Sazerac’s Last Drop Distillers Has A 1982 Bourbon On Its Hands

The Last Drop Distillers 1982 Bourbon is a super old Buffalo Trace bourbon that was drawn from a single cask, netting a mere 44 bottles which each price around $4,000.


The Last Drop Distillers’ $10,000 Whisky Will Make You Giggle With Excitement

Just eight bottles of this exceptional 50-year-old whisky from The Last Drop Distillers have been shipped to Australia. You'd better be quick.


Last Drop Distillers Launches 1982 Bourbon

Rare spirits bottler The Last Drop Distillers has released only 44 bottles of a 1982 Bourbon sourced from the Buffalo Trace Distillery


Legends & Luxury In The Whisky World (episode 736: October 28, 2018)

Many whisky lovers consider the ?water of life? to be a regular part of their lives, but there?s no arguing that whiskies are becoming as much of a luxury item as fine watches, ar…


Tom Jago Of Last Drop Distillers Dies Aged 93

Industry legend and "true gentlemen" Tom Jago, co-founder of The Last Drop Distillers, has died at the age of 93.


Last Drop Distillers President Tom Jago Dies

Industry pioneer and co-founder of The Last Drop Distillers Tom Jago has died at the age of 93


Jim Murray’s Whisky Bibel 2019: Die Whiskys Des Jahres

Der laut Jim Murray beste Whisky der Welt kommt diesmal wieder aus den USA und ist einer, den man wahrscheinlich nur schwer kaufen wird können, denn es ist einer aus der Buffalo Trace Antique Colle

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