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After Backlash, Pepsi Says It Never Planned A Space Billboard

Classic flip flop!


Pepsico Partnered With A Russian Start-up To Test Orbiting Billboards

The idea to launch billboards into space may have seemed like just another marketing gimmick. But PepsiCo is taking the idea seriously as it makes plans to promote an energy drink using the night sky


Pepsi, Startrocket Planning Energy Drink Ad Using Miniature Satellites

Pepsi will be the first client of StartRocket, which will be working with the beverage company to launch an energy drink advertisement into the night sky using miniature satellites. The Russian startu


Pepsi Plans To Project A Giant Ad In The Night Sky Using Cubesats

"An hour and a half after the launch we concluded that the test was successful."


Woman Finds Creepy Religious Notes Inside 24-pack Of Pepsi

Leticia Adams of Muskegon, Michigan found the Word Of God in a giant-ass 24-pack of Pepsi last week.


Watch: Passenger Has Meltdown Over Pepsi

A woman had a meltdown midflight over not being served a Pepsi and the video is going viral.


Judge Tells Man To Give Up Pepsi During Probation: ‘the Soda Made You Do It?’

?I?m sure the soda didn?t make you steal the vehicle," said Judge Rhonda Loo.


Judge Tells Hawaii Man Not To Drink Pepsi During His Four-year Probation

Christopher Montilliano was arrested with a stolen car on his way to buy soft drinks.


Judge Orders Hawaii Man To Avoid Pepsi While On Probation

A judge has ordered a Hawaii man to refrain from drinking his favorite soda as part of his probation.


Watch Spotting: Philippe Dufour Wearing A Rolex ‘pepsi’ Gmt-master Ii Ref. 126710 Blro At Baselworld 2019

Game recognize game.

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