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Woman Bullied For Being Named Marijuana Pepsi, Earns Phd After Dissertation On Black Names

Marijuana Pepsi?s mother was judged and thought to be mean for giving her daughter such an odd name. After 46 years, Marijuana Pepsi, who proudly embraced her unique name, is going places as her mothe


Woman Named Marijuana Pepsi Who Refused To Change Her Name Just Rece?

A woman named Marijuana Pepsi Vandyck recently received her doctorate to the joy of nearly everyone on the internet. Vandyck, whose official title is now doctor after she successfully completed her


Tim Nash’s Sustainable Stock Showdown: Pepsi Vs. Coke Plastic Challenge

Forget taste tests - which drink maker will be the choice of a planet-conscious generation?


When Pepsi Was Swapped For Soviet Warships

For some countries bartering has long been a vital part of how they trade overseas.


How The ‘Blood Feud’ Between Coke And Pepsi Escalated During The 1980s Cola Wars

The great Cola Wars of the 1980s were a battle between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo for dominance. The disastrous introduction of “New Coke” in 1985 appeared to set Coca-Cola back. Yet by the end of th


Valee Spends $20k On Salad Ingredients In “pepsi”

Valee's cult appeal reaches a new level of absurdity on 'Pepsi.' Valee is an enigma. He has that to think for his unending appeal as rap's resident weirdo/weird flexer. Look no further than 'Pepsi' of


On The Path To Peter Lynch With A Can Of Pepsi @themotleyfool #stocks $ko $pep

Peter Lynch gave investors a priceless map to find winning investments. How does Pepsi stack up in the world of Lynch?


Pepsi Takes Over Soweto With The Viewing Of The Uefa Champions League Final

Never before has the UEFA Champions League (UCL) final been more accessible to South African football fans...


Pepsi To Amp Up The ?away-from-home? Channel

Working with food aggregators; expanding tie-ups with domestic restaurant chains


Will Covering An Egg In Coca-cola, Pepsi For 24 Hours Dissolve Shell?

This eggcellent eggsperiment has clearly been eggsagerated.

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