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Sodastream Jet Megapack ? Is There Life In The 1980s Classic?

The fizz machine now claims the loftier purpose of saving the planet. We tested it


Sodastream, Ikea Israel To Stop Selling Disposable Plastic Items



Sodastream Sale — Get 15% Off Sitewide With Code

Taking care of fizz-ness.


Sodastream Launches Limited Edition Gold And Rose Gold Machines For A Bubbly And Environmentally-friendly Holiday

SodaStream International is announcing the launch of its limited ?Gold Edition? holiday set, adding a chic touch to the classic Fizzi sparkling water


Pepsico: ?we?re Seeing Consumers Going After Functionality, Going After Health And Wellness, But Also Going After Indulgence?

It?s the key question for any company: What do consumers want? While health and wellness is an obvious trend, consumer demands are broader and more complex than that, according to PepsiCo?s CEO.


Sodastream?s Birnbaum Suspected Of Insider Trading Linked To 2018 Pepsico Deal

Chairman of drinks-maker detained and questioned, then released on bail, for allegedly giving associate advance word of acquisition announcement


Israel?s Sodastream To Strike In Solidarity With Global Climate Strike

Employees at a SodaStream factory. Photo: Reuters. CTech ? Israeli-founded PepsiCo-owned at-home water carbonation company SodaStream International announced it will ?


Sodastream Labor Day Sale — Save 15% Sitewide

Work hard, sparkle harder.


Soaking Up Sa’s Sights Sustainably On Sodastream’s Red Bus Tour

Rather than quote you the shocking stats about plastics, I've chosen just one: 'Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today.' Read it again and let that sink in, because this fact was top of m


One Of Sodastream South Africa’s New Bottles Can Save 512 Bottles A Year

SodaStream is going eco-friendly with new BPA-free, proudly South African "My Only One" bottles, which launched across South Africa this week.