It’s no secret that the world is in the midst of an environmental crisis. One of the main causes of this crisis is the abundance of plastic and other litter that gets washed into our oceans, and then in turn affects sea life, entangling and choking everything from sea birds and seals to dolphins and whales, causing a slow and painful death when it’s ingested. It’s also alarming to learn that 90% of the Earth’s fish stocks have been overfished, and it’s predicted that by 2050 plastic items will outnumber fish in our seas. These are frightening statistics, and this sort of dire situation can make us all feel helpless, even apathetic in the face of the magnitude of the problem. But there is always something that we can do to make a difference, even if it’s in our own small way. 


The Beachhouse Sauvignon Blanc, produced by South Africa’s foremost independent wine & spirits producer DGB (Pty) Ltd, joined the cream of the crop at the recently announced Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards by winning a much coveted Gran d’Or or double-gold medal, an honour reserved for this prestigious competition’s top-performing wines.


Bring on summer, bring on sushi, and we have just the wine pairing that will spark a love affair with sun-drenched, sea-inspired lunches.


The mercury is rising, and along with summer, it’s time to celebrate outdoor dining and to live lighter with sensational salads and a glass of cold, refreshing vino – preferably on a seaside porch! Here are our favourite picks for satisfying summer salads, perfect for sharing with a bottle of the beachhouse Rosé or Sauvignon Blanc at your next dinner party.


Guy Fawkes Day, held annually on 5 November, is known for dazzling displays of fireworks – also on our Cape beaches. And while pretty to look at, these fireworks leave a massive mess in their wake, and this litter lands up in the ocean with disastrous consequences for marine life. This year, the beachhouse wines will be partnering with Clean C to rid our beaches of the debris caused by fireworks and restore them to their natural, pristine state.


It’s the season to eat lighter and fresher, in our collective strive towards that beach-ready body. And with the switch to salads and fresh produce, you’ll probably want to spend more time cooking al fresco and enjoying the (slightly) warmer weather. With a cold glass of refreshing white wine, brimming with fruit and bright acidity, like the beachhouse Sauvignon Blanc. So fire up the braai and send out the dinner party invites, we’ve got the best recipe inspiration for pairing with this go-to summer wine, and for guilt-free eating this season.


Fancy some spicy seafood paella for a long, lazy summer’s lunch on your beach house porch?


We all see the shocking images on the news almost every day – beaches covered in garbage, coral reefs already wiped out or dying, seabirds choked by plastic drinks rings, and many other disturbing examples of how humankind’s reckless overconsumption is steadily destroying our natural world.


So what is the story behind one of biggest health food crazes in recent times? For all its spiritual allusions, Buddha bowls mainly consist of small portions of highly nutritious foods, styled for visual appeal. Buddha bowls recipes incorporate the eating principles of Chinese and Japanese medicine and include raw or roasted veggies, beans, a whole grain, like brown rice or quinoa, and sometimes fish, with every meal. This way of eating is believed to reduce toxins in the body and lower your risk of chronic diseases. It’s all about balance really, getting all the nutrients your body needs in the right (small) amounts on one plate.