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Two Metre Tall Teenager Goes Against Mackay’s Best

When Chris Cedar was looking for some height and muscle for his Australia Day team his search led him to a towering 15-year-old.


Welcome To Fifa.com News

The latest news, photos and videos from the world of football and FIFA


Grand Central’s Kitty Cafe Revealed

What to see and what you can eat when you join the purrfectly adorable moggies at Grand Central's Kitty Cafe


Hundreds Of Wild Deer Will Be Shot By Marksmen In Helicopters

Sambar, Red and Fallow deer will be put down at Alpine National Park, five hours north east of Melbourne, over a four-day period between May 6 and May 17.


Uruguay Is Freaking Out About An ‘australian Kangaroo Invasion’

A South American country is currently trying to come to grips with what would happen if Australia's population of kangaroos decided to hop over there and invade -- and it's hilarious.


Fire Season Starts Slow, But Stay Vigilant: Mnrf

Forest fire season officially began April 1, but the long winter and slow melt subdued the season?s start.The first fire of the season in the northwest was in the Kenora region ? a smal?


Auckland Cafe’s Two-metre Clown Statue Still Missing Two Weeks On

A $500 reward has not been enough to encourage the person who stole a two-metre clown to return it.


Two Metre-tall Clown Stolen From Outside Auckland Cafe

Bozo has played his saxophone outside Circus Circus Cafe for 20 years. On Thursday, he disappeared in the night.


Coca-cola Releases Hk Heritage Design Tall Cans

From 18 March onwards, the special edition will be available across major convenience stores and selected restaurants.


Watch: Endangered Giraffe Is Born At Chester Zoo

There are fewer than 2,600 Rothschild giraffes remaining in the world.