Earlier this year Waverley Hills maintained the high standards of achieving top awards for its premium quality, organically certified wines. 


An 11-year project by the cellarmaster Johan Delport of Waverley Hills came to fruition this month with the first Marselan grapes ever being harvested for winemaking in South Africa.


The year is almost at its end, but it is still not the end at Waverley Hills for achieving awards. Most recently it was our Rhône style and Bordeaux style blends receiving awards! It seems as if our cellar master, Johan Delport, has mastered the art of blending.


Normally a newsletter will start with…well…news.  But we would like to take a different approach this time around.


There is one word that perfectly describes how the Waverley Hills team feel at this moment – Grateful.


Usually, we would start the article with a smart opening line.  But honestly, we are too excited and will thus just come out and say it: Waverley Hills has officially released a brand new and true French-style Rosé!


Nadia Beutler walked into our kitchen beginning of March 2019 as the new Chef & Restaurant Manager.


Waverley Hills took part again in The Grand International Organic Wine Awards that was held in Germany.


Ask any wine farm and they will tell you there is a wide variety of competitions and tastings where you can enter your wines.  


In the previous newsletter, the Waverley Hills team were proud to inform you that our CW Reserve Shiraz 2015 received its first Gold from Mundus Vini Biofach 2019.