Psychopaths like their coffee black and bitter, according to new study

Ah, coffee. The elixir of life. It has changed a lot in the last few years with all sorts of toppings and flavours added to it.

But many of us know that coffee is best in its purest form: black and bitter.

Turns out, those of us who like our coffee black might be psychopaths.

Not all of us, obviously, but a new study conducted by the University of Innsbruck found that those who enjoy black coffee, as well as other bitter foods, are more likely to exhibit personality traits linked to psychopathic behavior.

Researchers surveyed over 1000 adults. They were asked about flavour preferences – bitter, sweet, salty and so on. Participants were then given a personality test relating to antisocial behaviors like sadism, narcissism and psychopathy.

Those who had bitter tastes as preferences were also linked with behaviors like “every day sadism”. You know, the enjoyment of inflicting pain on others.

So that’s not just black coffee. Things like celery, radishes, tonic water.