The Wine Cellar Pack spot offer: Natural and Egg Wines

Last week Roland sent members of The Wine Cellar Pack our very first spot offer: Natural and Egg Wines. Please note that this six-bottle selection is only available to members. To order these wines, and to receive exclusive offers like these in future, fill out the application form and join The Wine Cellar Pack. Only 10 Natural and Egg Wine packs are still available (R1,229 each). 


Natural wines are becoming more popular as consumers seek wines with more integrity that closely reflect their place of origin and are produced without the use of machinery or additives.

Admittedly I have been hesitant to buy them, as they can often be oxidised and lack varietal character. But in preparation for this offer I have been hooked on their purity, honesty and drinkability.

Included in the pack is the Herve Souhaut Syrah, which is probably my favourite wine at the moment!

Craig Hawkins, a leader in Natural wines, is of course represented with a red that has been matured under water! You will also be the first in the world to purchase the Silweris 2012, SA’s only Egg white wine.

As always, detailed notes on the theme and each wine will be included. There are only 10 packs left at R1,229.

– Roland Peens, Director of Wine Cellar

Natural Wines with logo 2 The Wine Cellar Pack spot offer: Natural and Egg Wines

Table The Wine Cellar Pack spot offer: Natural and Egg Wines

– This pack is available to The Wine Cellar Pack members only. Email to order.
– We only have 10 packs left and each contains two whites and four reds.
– Spot offers will not necessarily be six-bottle packs, but we managed to get a good mix together for this one.
– The next obligatory pack will be the Rhône pack in June.