The Weekender – Jolburg

Swings and roundabouts is what I keep telling myself every time life throws me a curve ball. Well it seems Joburg’s party and events scene works on this principle too. Last weekend (and the weekend before for that matter) there was so much going on it made my head spin. It may also have been the fever, but that is besides the point.

This week things are a bit thin on the ground. This chilly weather also means that staying home and playing 30 seconds with whomever you can round up is a pretty good option. If you do choose to venture out, I have you covered with the few rad sounding goings-on.


In general I am kind of burnt out on Howl at Wolves, but this one looks like it’s going to be extra special. Over and above the usual musician trying desperately to play over the buzz of people that don’t seem to give too many f*cks about their existence – this time there will also be a special screening of Chin up! a pretty rad little web series by Lara Lipschitz. After that Yo Grapes and Eve Rakow as Stolen Pony will be playing. As far as a Thursday evening goes this one sounds like it’s going to be one of the goodies (even worth fighting the crowds of people).

Chin Up

If you happen to find yourself to our North in the land of the unironic moustache, and of the arty farty persuasion, then I highly recommend checking out the opening of Art Lovers 1932 – Group Exhibition: METAL, WOOD & CERAMIC. I can’t really tell you any more beyond that, because quite frankly I know nothing about it and the info on their Facebook event is pretty sparse. If you’re into this kind of thing though exhibition openings are most likely old hat and you will be able to hob knob and pretend like you know what’s going on with the best of them. At the very least there should be a couple of free drinks to get you going for the evening (With my student days still fresh in my mind this is still my favourite thing about exhibition openings).

Artists collective

After getting the night warmed up the only place to really be in Joburg is Kitcheners for Go Party ft. Gateway Drugs, or at the Tomorrow Never Happened pre-party at Arcade Empire for our Pretorian readers (or those with the spirit of the great trek still in them).

Go Party


Friday I will be embracing my inner 1820 Settler and missioning all the way up to Pretoria for Tomorrow Never Happened. Haezer and Niskerone will be playing a versus set and after being laid low by the flu for the past two weeks I am going to do the most sensible thing and spend my weekend drinking in smoke filled venues where everything is too loud. You should definitely follow my lead.

Tomorrow Never Happened


 There is nothing that really grabs my fancy this Saturday. I suggest you use Saturday to get some quality mooch time in.



 I’m not sure if I’m even welcome at this event any more, but an event I’m really looking forward to this weekend is Boosh 22. If anyone is familiar with my writing you’ll know that I kinda slagged it off. The Moths (one of my favourite Joburg bands) will be playing and all in all it is just going to be a great day pretending you don’t have work the next morning.

Boosh 22


After getting yourself properly sauced you can catch a cab down to Maboneng to the Bioscope for Classic Movie Sundays (everyone knows old ass movies, actually most movies are better drunk). This week they’re showing A Hard Days Night. So if you’re a fan of The Beatles (basically everyone on this earth) this should be the best way to end your weekend.


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