Rock A-Bye Riesling

As I have begun to learn about the wines, I have made my best efforts to familiarize myself with the nuances of my favourite varietals. 
I am now venturing a smidge further afield with my samplings and broadening my horizons in terms of the wines I can potentially recognize and possibly enjoy. I am still undecided as to my position on Riesling but thanks to educational events such as Riesling Rocks, it is possible to gain a few additional insights and experiences.

For this post, I shall introduce an occasional, independent 3rd party rating system based on differing views of Riesling. This shall be a rates on a scale out of 10 & dubbed the MVR.

Klein Constantia Riesling (2012): Lacks typical Riesling nose. Litchi, floral oranginess, soft & light, acidic, pithy, wet cardboard. (*) MVR: 3/10

De Wetshof Riesling (2012): Litchi syrup, litchi icing, litchi juice with orange zest, light & fresh. (**)

Spioenkop Riesling (2012): No irrigation, “people who suffer have bigger pips”, vines suffer = smaller grapes = more flavour. Oily apples, savoury, lemony potato salad.

Altydgedacht Riesling (2013): Pretty, freshness, happy fruits, green Sparkles, slight acid, crumbling of feta cheese. (*)

Hartenberg Riesling (2006): Oiled orange, sweet cheese, apricot White Rock cheese.

Hartenberg Occasional Riesling (2012): 50% botrytis. Oil & apples, syrupy acid.

Hartenberg Riesling (2011): Oily apricots, apricot marmalade on toast, Rye toast. MVR: 9/10

Hartenberg Riesling Noble Late: Caremelized asparagus, cheese breath.

Thelema Sutherland Riesling (2012): Whiffy orange, powdery, pith.

Thelema Sutherland Riesling (2009): Oily, rosemary crackers. (*) MVR: 9.5/10

Thelema Sutherland Riesling (2011): Subtle pith, dry naartjies

Thelema Sutherland Riesling Late Harvest (2009): Syrupy hth, syrupy savoury toast, orangey.

Groote Post Riesling (2013):  Fruity fresh Chenin, white peaches, light fizz, tinned peaches with acid. (**)

Nitida Riesling (2013): Peach Lip Ice, slightly acidic, savoury

Nederberg Riesling (2013): Steers spice on peaches, crumbed lime, battered spiced fish. MVR: 3/10

After familiarizing ourselves with the newer offerings of the Riesling world, we felt well-equipped to attend a tutored tasting with the lovely Maker of the Wine from Nitida. Off  we ventured into a cavernous room filled with people seated around a long table, glasses at the ready.

Nitida  (2013): 5% Botritis, citrus oil, slight spritz, orange pith, slow acid (off-dry)

Nitida (2012): 1st vintage of own vines, Alsatian style. Salty, swamp water, salty unripe guava, oily, spritzy, sharp freshness, gound up dried Camembert

Nitida (2009): Crème Brulee sugar on Vaseline, savoury roast green pepper, boiled artichoke, spicy, cumin, green peppercorns, peppered Shoprite ham with a drop of syrup essence

Peter Lenahn Riesling: Oily naartjie, salty blue cheese, Danish feta, peaches baked with blue cheese, melted Camembert, chalk powder, blue feta on risotto

Neethlingshof Short Story Collection (2010): 150gsm RS. Noble late, maple with a whiff of caramelized bacon, hoppy, malt, caramelised orange

*The formal classification of sugar only came into practise 2 – 3 years ago
* 5 – 12 RS = off-dry
*RS+2 must be less than total acidity to be classified as dry
*Turpness – oily/Kerosene element
*”A barrel is a big tea bag”

*Morsal Riesling – German