Celebrating 30 Years of Winemaking, Dedication and Innovation


Celebrating 30 Years of Winemaking, Dedication and Innovation

Family-owned wine estate heralds in three decades of creativity.

Stellenbosch – In the lingering morning mists of Devon Valley, nestled between the picturesque hills, lays the family-owned wine estate of Clos Malverne. The winery once coined as the smallest red wine producer in the Cape, will celebrate its 30th year of producing its own wines with the harvest of 2015.

It all started as an idea between friends. An idea that was taken to heart and the first vintage of 800 bottles Cabernet Sauvignon was produced in 1985.

It was not always smooth sailing, with many hurdles and trying times tumbling the estate in dire circumstances. Founder Seymour Pritchard’s schooner, “Spirit of Malverne”, which he built on the estate, now provided him with two holes in the ground to pour money in, the farm and the ship. Only through sheer perseverance, dedication and by showing great spirit, was the schooner completed & launched in 1990. Coincidentally, this was shortly after the hand-crafted wines were awarded their first medals. It now serves as a testament of dedication and source of inspiration to the committed team of Clos Malverne.

To celebrate the historic milestone of producing wine for three decades, Clos Malverne will be introducing the first of its exciting initiatives to reward their loyal supporters. The first of which will be its Main Sail supporter’s card. Like a ship needs the wind in its sails to move forward, Clos Malverne needs the support of their loyal customers. The first 30 customers between the months of January – March 2015, to complete one of each of the estate’s signature offerings, will be rewarded with a limited and exclusively labeled bottle of Clos Malverne wine. This offer will be repeated four times in total this year, and the wines will form part of a once-off collector’s edition.

Clos Malverne’s signature offerings include the-first-of-its-kind Ice-cream & Wine Pairing; the extremely popular Food & Wine Pairing dining experience and a more traditional wine-tasting of their famous Cape Blends.

The year will be marked by their three decades of wine production celebrations, which will include special releases of vintage wines; exclusive dining experiences and community upliftment projects aimed at giving back to the local region.

Clos Malverne is also a certified Eco-Active Member (www.ecoactive.travel), offering guests the opportunity to earn eco-miles rewards. Eco-miles can be earned through our joint “Cycle Clos Malverne Vineyards Tour” in partnership with Bike & Saddle.

We subscribe to the fact that it’s far more healthy, enjoyable and carbon-positive to experience the wine lands by bike, under your own steam, burning carbs instead of carbon!

As a responsible and environmentally sustainable wine producer, we encourage customers to consider exchanging their cars for a bicycle.

For more information regarding these special occasions and once-off offers, feel free to contact the estate via  e-mail at info@closmalverne.co.za or at Tel (+27)21 865 2022. The estate is reachable 08:00 – 17:00 weekly and 10:00 – 15:00 on weekends.

More about Clos Malverne

Hosted in conjunction with Bike & Saddle – a leading South African eco-active travel company – the blissful Clos Malverne Mountain Bike (MTB) Experience is sheer pedal pleasure and allows rookie riders and serious dirt hounds alike, to explore the scenic back roads of the valley, soak up the awe-inspiring views and indulge in a memorable wine & food experience. This exclusive trail meanders along a private 20-kilometre, mainly off-road path through the heart of the valley and the trip can be adapted to suit all levels of experience and fitness.

Our four-legged friends at the Animal Welfare Society, situated in the Devon Valley, a mere stone’s throw away, also benefit from the farm. Every cellar tour at Clos Malverne, results in a donation from the visitors which is used to buy food, blankets or for the upkeep of the sleeping quarters of the animals.