Review: Addis in Cape

Words and photos by Victoria Bakos

Hardly tucked away on the corner of Long Street and Church Street in the mother city is Addis In Cape, an Ethiopian restaurant. Not for those who dislike strong incense or those who love it but have a blocked nose. Instead of the waiters greeting you, the incense greets you.  

Addis in Cape, seating


You and your party will sit on low (low, low) chairs around a woven table and it’s all very cozy. Provided you can reach the food, the evening will be great.


If you hadn’t already washed your hands don’t worry because they do it for you.  I think it’s quite important to tell you that you eat with your hands and this is the point where it’s vital to reassess how good of an idea it is to go here on a first date.

Addis in Cape, Washing hands


The menu has a huge variety of meat options, vegan options and vegetarian options. We were having a set menu so our starter went as follows –


“A dipping of blended lentils served with our chef’s unique salad dressing and our homemade cottage cheese mixed with sautéed spinach.”


Seemed to go down well.


At this point we opted for cocktails because what better way to celebrate birthdays than with cocktails and champagne.


Addis in Cape, cocktails


Chilli, chickpea, beef, lamb, chicken, herb, spices, onions, lemons. Most of these flavors will present themselves to you depending on your choices. Each dish comes in a small bowl arranged on a huge sourdough pancake that acts as the “sharing” plate. They pour out each dish onto the plate (the pancake).


You have your cutlery (individual rolled up personal sourdough pancakes) so you can mop up the flavors that you prefer the most. And when the dishes are finished you can eat the plate. This could be the next best thing after cookie cups filled with… Nutella.


Addis in Cape, sour-dough pancakes


No visit to Addis In Cape is complete without coffee or tea. Ethiopian coffee is strong and there’s sugar and no milk. The coffee comes with popcorn and burning frankincense.


But you hate coffee? So you can have tea. It smells like Christmas – cardamom, cinnamon and clove flavoured.


It’s a great vibe for a group of people but equally as nice for two, three or four of you. Definitely a worthwhile experience to tick off the list. If you get there and it’s not for you, cut it short and go for coffee (or drinks, probably drinks) somewhere along Long Street.

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