Sijnn leads at 2015 Nedbank Green Wine Awards

Local winemakers are embracing biodynamic farming methods alongside their international counterparts. Those winemakers who embody ‘green winemaking’ are being recognised for their efforts, with Sijnn emerging as one of the top producers at this year’s Nedbank Green Awards.

The biodynamic movement is widely attributed to Rudolf Steiner, who gave a series of agricultural lectures in 1924 setting out the broad principles. Nicolas Joly was one of the original French vigneron proponents of the movement, and since then biodynamic farming has gained traction in Alsace, Burgundy and many other parts of the world.

On a local level, The 2015 Nedbank Green Awards aim to encourage, reward and recognise winemakers that truly embrace the ideals of sustainability, with the competition having launched in 2009. This year, 78 wines were entered into the IPW (Integrated Production of Wine) category and 64 organic wines were evaluated. Sijnn White 2013 rose to the top, winning the ‘Overall Winner’ as well as ‘Best White Wine’ titles.

Sijnn wines

’Our aim is to recognise those winemakers who are farming for the future,’ says Nedbank’s Alistair Pearce. ‘Those who produce wines made in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner.’

Reyneke Cornerstone 2013 was named the Best Red Wine in the ‘Wines from organically grown grapes’ category.

For those who are interested in local and international ‘green wines’, our favourites are shown below.

Local picks:
Sijnn White 2013 (R175 p/b)
Reyneke Biodyamic Sauvignon Blanc 2014 (R115 p/b)
Reyneke Biodyanmic Syrah 2013 (R115 p/b)
Reyneke Reserve White 2014 (R180 p/b)
Radford Dale Nudity 2014 (R275 p/b)

International picks:
Héritiers Comtes Lafon, Mâcon-Milly-Lamartine 2013 (R355 p/b)
Joseph Drouhin, Chablis Vaudon 2014 (R295 p/b)
Huet le Mont Sec 2012 (R435 p/b)

Read more about the 2015 Nedbank Green Wine Awards .


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