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Q & A with Nomadic Orchestra

This year Backsberg Estate Cellars has teamed up with Good Housekeeping SA to bring you four top-class musical acts at our annual Picnic Concert Series. We’re kicking off the series with Nomadic Orchestra who will be performing live, this Sunday, February 26th, and to get all our faithful Backsbergers into the festive mood, we decided to do a little Q & A session with some of the members from the band. Here’s what they had to say!

1. What makes playing at a wine estate so special?

Joe: Wine!
Jono: I agree with Joe… Wine!
Gabriel: Spending a day outdoors, in the sun with a glass of red in my hand… What’s not special about that!

2. As South Africa’s first carbon neutral wine farm we’re all about reducing our carbon footprint. Do you believe in living a sustainable lifestyle? If so, what sustainable practices do you implement in your own life?

Joe: I do. I recycle bottle and paper and believe in using grey water.
Jono: I definitely do believe in this kind of lifestyle. I recycle, use greywater, and buy only fruit and veg that is in season.
Gabriel: I definitely agree with trying to lessen one’s carbon footprint. I do recycling at home, shower with a bucket and try to purchase locally made/produced goods as much as possible.

3. If you were a grape variety, which one would you be and why?

Joe: Pinotage – this variety was created in South Africa.                                                                         Jono: Cab Sav – it tastes good!
Gabriel: Shiraz. I’m a mellow and smooth guy that can be cutting and frank. I enjoy dry humour and climates too.

4. Where is the best place to enjoy a glass of wine?

Joe: Somewhere with a nice view.                                                                                                               Jono: Right next to the best people.
Gabriel: Where it was grown and produced if possible, otherwise with my lady nearby.

5. When is the best time to enjoy a glass of your favourite wine?

Joe: Valentine’s Day.                                                                                                                                         Jono: 20:03
Gabriel: I love pairing wine with food! Shiraz with a steak or a somewhat spicy curry suits me fine as wine.

6. What sort of wine goes down the best while listening to your music?

Joe: Any sort of wine would be marvellous.                                                                                               Jono: The sort that comes in those big double magnum bottles.
Gabriel: All of them, just not too much because you need to stay standing and move those hips.

7. What has been your best wine drinking experience?

Joe: Drinking with friends at home over a good game of cards.
Jono: Probably whilst having a braai on holiday with family and friends.
Gabriel: My father, a great wine lover, sets up tasting sessions at home. He covers the bottles in blank bags and we must try our best to give a description and country of origin. Drinking with constructive motives somehow seems more fulfilling and enjoyable.

8. Wine or Brandy: Would you rather drink an entire bottle of our Merlot 2015 or slowly sip at a tot of our Sydney Back 1st distillation brandy?

Joe: I’m interested to taste a well-aged brandy!
Jono: I’m keen for the merlot.
Gabriel: I would love to try that brandy!

9. Wine goes best with _____________.                                                                                                                                                          
Joe: Wine goes best with company.
Jono: Wine goes best with music.
Gabriel: Wine goes best with friends.

10. Lastly, do you have a special surprise lined up; perhaps, a new album release? If so, could you give us a hint as to what to expect?

Joe: Our next big surprise will probably come around July.
Jono: There’s nothing to announce right at this moment but we are working on something fresh!
Gabriel: You’ll have to wait and see.


Nomadic Orchestra from left to right Jono Gabriel Joe Marlon Greg 300x200 Q & A with Nomadic Orchestra

From left to right: Jono, Gabriel, Joe, Marlon and Greg

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