Roald Dahl calls Meerlust “piss”

What a pity Welsh windbag Roald Dahl is dead or Hannes Myburgh could invite him to celebrate 30 years of Rubicon at Art on Main, William Kentridge’s Jozi factory on Monday 8th November. Terrific letter to the editor of The Spectator from Virgina Ash: “In his review of Donald Sturrock’s Storyteller: The Life of Roald Dahl, Sam Leith refers to a South African guest who brought Roald Dahl two bottles of wine, upon which Dahl ‘ostentatiously declared that they were piss, and poured them down the sink without tasting them’. I was that guest, and I brought him two bottles of Meerlust (I forget which particular wine it was, probably their Rubicon).”

e1 Roald Dahl calls Meerlust “piss”

Emile Joubert, banned by Pip's PR friends for being too sensational. Shurley shome mishtake?

Some character straight out of Chas Dickens called Pip has been ventilating about me and my friend Emile Joubert on the ridiculous blog of Mr. Min. “I have it on good authority that there are PR’s in the wine industry who are not allowed to invite him [Emile] (and Pendock for that matter) to events, because of their love for the ‘sensational’.” Well Pip please tell your PR friends not to invite me to any of their functions. My dance card is full enough already. Thanks, and have a nice day further.