Chablis for crusty old art farts

The image of Chablis at the top of the food chain is reinforced in this week’s New Statesman by the London avant garde artistic collaboration Gilbert & George.  Asked “you’ve said if forced to, you’d have sided with the bankers against the St Paul’s protesters.  Is that position in itself a subversive one?” the duo answer “No, it’s very simple – if you’re going to have lunch, serve a dozen oysters and bottle of Chablis, not a nut roast and an organic cider!”

gg 300x191 Chablis for crusty old art farts

Chablis and oysters for lunch

Which is politically incorrect on so many different levels, mocking vegetarians, buyers of organic produce and of course the Occupy movement which recently abandoned their sit-in at St. Paul’s.  Class differences are reaffirmed and the only sacred cow left unmilked is the current anti-alchol frenzy.  But equating a political position with lunch is surely to be encouraged, given the low calibre of debate at the minute.  MasterChef has replaced Panorama in the zeitgeist.

Being invited to lunch by Gilbert & George seems to be the best bet, as dinner is boring.  “You go to the same restaurant in the East End every evening.  What do you have to eat?  George: The same thing every night. Two chops.  Gilbert: Kebabs.”